Slot antenna with improved bandwidth

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Abstract: A novel approach is presented to improve the bandwidth of slot antennas. The technique is based on manipulating the field distribution along an ordinary resonant slot structure using the feed line and creating a dual resonance behavior. Hence without changing the length of the antenna

Selecting wide band Antenna Geometry - like a log-periodic antenna ... Aperture coupled ( slot) feed increase microstrip antenna bandwidth ... Radar Basics - Slot Antennas Figure 2: Various broadband slot antenna. ... the deviation from the theoretical value is small when the surface is greater than the square of the wavelength. Investigation of Microstrip Line and CPW Fed Asymmetrical T-Slot ... Asymmetrical T-Slot Antennas for Improved. Bandwidth. Pradeep A. S1 , Venkatesh Rathod2 , Anusha K3, Aravinda E T4, Raghu B B5. Assistant Professor1 ... Impedance Bandwidth and Gain Improvement for Microstrip Antenna ... one, the gain of the proposed antenna improved about. 1.4 dB. Moreover, the .... slots at the top, the -10 dB bandwidth falls within 3.85 and. 16.15 GHz, which is ...

bandwidth and to add resonant frequencies. The radiating patch is fed by a coaxial probe at a position (X f, Y f)for excitation of the antenna. The slots’ dimensions, the substrate height, and the excitation point position are used to determine the broadband characteristics of the antenna. [7] Starting from the rectangular patch antenna design

Novel Design of Microstrip Antenna with Improved Bandwidth A novel design of broadband patch antenna is presented in this paper. The broadband property of the proposed antenna is achieved by choosing a proper selection of dimensions and positions of slot and notch on the radiating patch. The bandwidth of the proposed antenna is found to be 30.5% with operating frequency band from 1.56 GHz to 2.12 GHz.

microstrip patch antenna is possible to increase the bandwidth [2]. But this technique arise has several problems of antennas feeding technique [2]. There is an effective method is corner truncated scheme is used to enhance the bandwidth for ultra-wideband (UWB) applications [3]. A monopolar V-shaped slot patch antenna has been

RamaDevi K., Rani A.J., Prasad A.M. (2017) Design of Microstrip Antenna with Improved Bandwidth for Biomedical Application. In: Satapathy S., Bhateja V., Joshi A. (eds) Proceedings of the International Conference on Data Engineering and Communication Technology. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 468. Springer, Singapore How to change the antenna structure to improve bandwidth ... feed the antenna using aperture slot coupling. aperture slot coupling has the advantage of providing increased bandwidth compared to any other feeding mechanisms. OR if you have 2 substrates in your antenna design, insert a foam material between the two substrates which act as a spacer with dielectric constant almost equal to 1.( it would be a ... Rectangular Planar Antenna Using U-Slot for Bandwidth ... On the contrary, the major disadvantage of these types of antennas is the lower and narrow bandwidth[1-5]. Combination of the coplanar waveguide feed, antenna geometry, and a variety of slot shapes is a solution to improve and enlarge the antenna operating bandwidth[6-8]. Printed Wide-Slot Antenna Design with Bandwidth and Gain ...

slot in an equilateral triangular microstrip antenna to make it broadband structure while improved bandwidth up to 8.67% was recently reported for a circular patch antenna having U-slot 6. A semi-circular slot antenna with a protruded small rectangular slot was excited by a 50 ohm microstrip line 7 to achieve broadband performance. Krishna

BANDWIDTH ENHANCEMENT OF MICROSTRIP LINE AND CPW-FED ASYMMETRICAL SLOT ANTENNAS ... various designs have been proposed to improve their bandwidth including ... Design and Simulation of an Improved Bandwidth V-Slotted ... Design and Simulation of an Improved Bandwidth V-Slotted Patch Antenna for ... scheme of bandwidth enhancement for open slot antenna,” in 2010 ... Novel Design of Microstrip Antenna with Improved Bandwidth International Journal of Microwave Science ... A broadband patch antenna with improved bandwidth ... “A novel cross-slot geometry to improve impedance bandwidth ... Design of broadband circular patch microstrip antenna with ... Printed wide-slot antenna fed by a ... improved bandwidth and gain and multiple operating frequencies needed for satellite communication systems.

Bandwidth and gain improvement of a crossed slot antenna ... - Scitation

Analysis and Design of an Exponential Taper Slotted Antenna with ...